Coffee Harvesting Processing

Coffee Harvesting and Processing

Natural Proccess

Drying coffee cherries whole without the intervention of water or machines to remove any of the fruit. Prior to drying, the cherries are picked, floated in water, and sorted to remove any under-ripe or overripe fruit.

Washed Proccess

Washed coffee processing is similar to natural processing, but organic matter is stripped off of the coffee bean within days of the coffee cherry being plucked from the tree and then washed with water before they are dried. This removes any impurities and gives the coffee a cleaner taste.

Honey Process

Pulped natural or honey process is a method in which the fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped, but allowed to dry without washing. Some of the fruit is still there, but not nearly as much as in the natural process.

Anaerobic Process

Anaerobic fermentation is a coffee processing method where coffee is fermented in pressurized sealed tanks deprived of oxygen. This lack of oxygen produces distinct acids, lactic acids for example, that create a different and distinct flavor profile for the coffee.


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