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Coffee Processing

We  process coffee, all of which change the sweetness, body, and acidity of brewed coffee. These methods are called 

  1. Natural process, 
  2. Washed process, 
  3. Wet hulled, and
  4.  Honey processed 


Our Ethiopian Guji and Yirgachefe coffee beans of the species Coffee Arabica. 

  1.  Longberry, 
  2. Shortberry, and
  3.  Mocha.

 Long berry varieties Guji & Yirgachefe consist of the largest beans and are often considered of the highest quality in both value and flavor.

Plantation and Out growers

We have 200 coffees out grower farmers on 1000 hectares of coffee plantation farm

We care the plants and harvested manually by hands with Eco Friendly Applied

We have Natural Original Coffee

Our Coffee Farms are Certified


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